Some lovely Overwatch Beta Gameplay

Blizzard is known for its sprawling MMO’s, it’s dungeon crawlers and RTSs’. It’s nice to see a well establish company enter in with something that’s out of their comfort zone. Thankfully enough, the world has been allowed a chance to play their latest game Overwatch this weekend.


Below you can find a video of some of our PC gameplay. It’s not much, but fun is had. It would be wrong to group this and Battleborn together because of the way they use heroes. The two feel quite different, and with Overwatch definitely giving off a Team Fortress feel it’s quite easy to distinguish. Not to mention, they look completely different, etc.




Overwatch is available from the 24th of May everywhere on PS4, PC and Xbox One.


What do you think of the beta? Will you be picking up the full game? Let us know!

– Bean



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