Ken Levine working on Twilight Zone reboot

You are about to enter a world where anything is possible

You read that right the man behind Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite, Ken Levine’s next project is a Twilight Zone reboot as revealed in an interview with Wired.

Well reboot is perhaps a misleading description of Ken Levine’s Twilight Zone. Its not a TV show or Movie in the traditional sense, it has been described as an interactive live action film. Levine is partnering with Interlude, who produce interactive media content. What this means is video content that the viewer can manipulate on the fly, think quick time events placed in a film at certain moments options will appear and the movie will play out those choices, but unlike the interactive choose our own adventure games of the 80s and 90s the video doesn’t pause at a juncture you choose a path while the video is running and watch as it unfolds seamlessly as you manipulate the story being told.

Ken Levine is of course known for mind bending story telling and twists and turns in his narrative, and much like episodes of the twilight zone by the end you are usually left with a story that has been turned on it’s head and find that you are left with a parable or morality tale ripe with metaphor. Bioshock is, of course, a game all about choices and what you choose to do will have a knock on effect on what rewards the player will get and how characters will react to he player down the line.


With Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite I found the choices you make as a player ultimately don’t really impact the story, the twist is always the same and you will always end up in the same place because that is tale we are being told and there is nothing wrong with that. With the Twilight Zone I hope Ken Levine gets to flexes his creative muscles even more and create something with multiple outcomes that truly depend on the viewers interaction and choices,  “we’re stepping into the writing process, figuring out how to leverage the interactive element to make a narrative tale feel more personal for the viewer, and make them more engaged”.

The idea is still in it’s infancy and deals are still being made at this point in time, but it is moving along slowly but surely and for anyone worried that this will distract him from “proper” games Ken Levine does not want anyone to worry, he assures the gaming world that his work with Interlude as more of a side project and that he and his team are hard at work on their next game.

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