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The Witch: A New-England Folk Tale (2016 UK Release)

Critically acclaimed period Satanic horror creeps its way onto British screens.

300 hours in Eorzea (FF14 review)

One man's attempt to unbiasedly review an MMO he spent two years of his life playing. Filled with nostalgia, and all the ups and downs gamers have come to accept from the genre.

Second ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ trailer

I'm not all that optimistic

Original System Shock could get full remake for PC and Xbox One

The original System Shock came out 22 years ago, less than a year after Doom did. It was a game that featured a more complex first-person style of game than many before it hadn’t. There was navigation, puzzle solving and an inventory. It

This Discussion is Rated R

This week, we discuss The R Rating

Cross-console gaming takes a huge step forward

Cross-Network Play makes Xbox One and Windows 10 gamers able to play with players on different consoles, if they're willing.