Original System Shock could get full remake for PC and Xbox One

The original System Shock came out 22 years ago, less than a year after Doom did. It was a game that featured a more complex first-person style of game than many before it hadn’t. There was navigation, puzzle solving and an inventory. It wasn’t a run and shoot, it took a little more brains than that. It had an essence of horror that Doom didn’t quite have. Most importantly, it introduced to us the evil A.I know as SHODAN (Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network).


Now, Night Dive Studios are bringing a remastered version to the modern day audience. A lot has changed since then. So many games have been released since them – one of these is Bioshock. Bioshock is the spiritual successor to the System Shock franchise and well loved by gamers and critics alike. Some of Night Dive Studios’ former employees helped release these games, so it’s no surprise that we’re likely to see another one.


This isn’t all set in stone, however. The footage released (which you can view below) is pre-alpha. The studio is looking for publishers to work with, and is even considering the idea crowdfunding to get the game off the ground. The System Shock franchise still has it’s underground following, even all these years later. It wouldn’t be hard to get those fans on board. This one definitely gets a thumbs up from me.



Half-Life 3 not confirmed.


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