Game of Thrones Season 6 Official Trailer

The Great Game is terrifying

 Oh yes, Game of Thrones is well and truly coming back, and this upcoming SIXTH season looks as ominous and as epic as anything that came before, yet despite this, the focus is almost entirely on the human, personal aspect of the story and how the wars, schemes and politics have affected all who enter the game of thrones, and often for the worst.
To enhance the melancholy, James Vincent McMorrow’s doleful cover of Chris Isaak’s  “Wicked Game” hangs over the whole trailer, as if to give us no hope for levity or happiness.
Here it is, the trailer you’re here for – After you’ve watched it, we’re gonna do a shot break down.

What did you think? You hyped?

The Shot Breakdown

007 Jon snow

0:07 – Picking up where we left off in Season 5, we’re shown the corpse of the “late” great Jon Snow. Do we think he’ll be back? The voice over says “He’s gone”. Even after a year of denying any involvement with season 6, we believe Kit Harrington WILL return.


026 Melissandre

0:26 – The usually unnaturally composed woman in red, Melisandre, tearfully admits to Davos that, in Stannis, she backed the wrong horse and that “The great victory I saw in the flames, all of it was a lie”. This perhaps answers one of the big questions of the series: “Does the red woman ACTUALLY believe in the Lord of Light OR is she just manipulating Stannis?”, this seems to suggest the former.


038 Daenarys

0:38 – A defeated, less than regal-looking Daenerys is marched amongst the rabble of the khalasar who picked her up at the end of the last series, they appear to be on their way to Vaes Dothrak or another major Dothraki base. How will Daenerys fair? Will they accept her as a Khaleesi? Will she be able to get them on her side? Preceding shots show Jorah and Daario searching the plain where we last saw her, will they get her back? The High Sparrow’s voiceover further contextualises this shot, “Each of us is powerless and poor, yet we can overthrow and empire.”

044 Iron Islands

0:44 – Not that interesting a shot in and of itself, but it tells us one HUGE piece of information about the story of Season 6: The Iron Islands are back, they were suspiciously missing from the last season and were barely in the one before that. Theon, Yara and the other pirates of Pyke return to choose their new king. What we see here could well be the much fabled Kingsmoot, a major event in the books where the new Lord Reaper of Pyke is chosen. On the left of the image, we see what appears to be an old man with messy grey hair. This is almost certainly Aeron Greyjoy, Theon’s uncle, a Priest of the Drowned God and the adjudicator of the Kingsmoot. So, this season will contain content from the book.


059 Cercei

0:59 – After her humiliating ordeal at the end of the last season, we see the familiarly defiant, smirking Queen Regent of Kings Landing. The Walk of Penance won’t have changed the hateful, paranoid, alcoholic Lannister matriarch for the better. Here, the Faith Militant order “your man to step aside, or there will be violence”. “Your man” is the gold-plated mountain of a man, “Ser Robert Strong”, who is the reanimated corpse of Gregor Clegane. Cersei elects violence, this will not end well.


100 Young NEd Stark

1:00 – Here, we are treated to something very special. Though not a particularly interesting or well composed shot, what we see here is 5 men led by a man whose profile we are all too familiar with, the leader of the pack looks VERY much like Eddard Stark. Back in the day of Robert’s Rebellion, Eddard led a band of six men to the Tower of Joy (a confirmed location for Season Six) in the hopes of rescuing his sister Lyanna from Rhaegar, Daenery’s brother and that Mad King’s son, who kidnapped her at the Tourney of the Hand. This season, we could be getting our first major flashback. A young Eddard HAS been cast.


104 Pirates

1:04 – Pirates! Euron Greyjoy is coming. Euron is Theon’s other uncle, a vicious, psychopathic rapist of a pirate, think of him as cunning, older, sea-faring Ramsey Bolton. Balon was mad, Aeron was madder, but Euron was the maddest of them all.


113 Jon Snow

1:13 – Melisandre lays her hands on Jon Snow’s corpse. I am very sure he’ll be coming back.


Bran and The Night's king

1:21 – Finally, perhaps the most surprising shot of the whole trailer. A standing, much older, Bran Stark stands almost face to face with the Night’s King, the leader of the White Walkers. The Night’s King has been seen only twice so far, once in “Oathkeeper”, episode 4 of season four, and in “Hardhome”, episode 8 of Season 5. He is seen to be incredibly powerful and is the leader of the single greatest threat to Westeros. All the fighting for the throne, the betrayals, the murders, the lies, all of it pales in comparison to the threat of the White Walkers and now their leader comes face to face with the previously absent Bran Stark. It’s worth noting that as Bran is standing up, this could well be a vision rather than a literally occurrence.

So, what do you think?

Game Of Thrones season 6 begins April 24th – a Sunday.

– Matt  





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