The Dark Tower to officially begin filming

The Man in Black fled across the desert and the Gunslinger followed


After years of waiting for this series to kick off King’s epic fantasy is finally due to begin filming within the coming weeks. After an extensive interview with Entertainment Weekly Stephen King and director Nikolaj Arcel confirmed that Idris Elba is to play the legendary gunslinger Roland Deschain while Matthew McConaughey is taking on the role of the man in black. This has been something that King fans have been waiting for for a long time, bouncing from Universal Studios to Warner Bros, to end up finally at Sony.


The roles of this film have been going back and fourth for as long the possibility itself. Originally, Javier Bardem was to be cast as Roland, and that was in place for some time. It’s only recently that Idris Elba’s name has popped up as Roland. Elba has done some fantastic performances in the last few years, and because of these it’s easier to see him fill the boots of Roland.  Elba’s work in Beasts of No Nation definitely showed us he has Roland’s more sinister traits nailed. King has come fourth and said that he hopes fans accept a man of colour for the role, even with the racial tension that’s present in the books between Roland and other characters. Truthfully, I grew up believing that Clint Eastwood was the one true gunslinger, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly proved that. 


Matthew McConaughey was teased as the man in black for sometime, but it wasn’t until today that it was confirmed. The man in black takes many different forms in the books, and even has spats in some of King’s other work, so this choice was interesting. We’ve not seen McConaughey as a villain, and neither is the man in black a straight up villain. The pair started things off on twitter today:




There have been no other confirmed castings other than Abbey Lee from Mad Max:Fury Road. Aaron Paul was in talks some time ago for the role Eddie Dean, whose character isn’t too far from one he’s played in the past. This would be an incredible pick, and anyone who’s read the books and seen Breaking Bad would agree. The choice of Susannah and Jake is open to anyone. It’s going to be an amazing mix of people when they get them all together.


It’s already been said that although the film will be begin with the man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed but it will not be the first book we start with. The Dark Tower series jumps around from one timeline to another, even with the fourth book Wizard and Glass taking place mostly in Roland’s youth. I’m not adverse to the idea of starting at the beginning of the timeline, although it will be make it easier for alterations to be made. King’s books are rich in content, story and life. It’s no surprise that some sections of Roland’s journey will be left out. On top of this there is the question of what format the entirety of his story will be told. Talk was thrown about of a TV series to link some of the films together. ‘Harry Potter’ is one of the few adaptions to be converted and hold true to the values of the books over the course of multiple films.


This then leads me to my two main fears. The Dark Tower series isn’t like the rest of King’s work. It goes so much deeper and really requires (and deserves) the long haul dedication. I’m hoping people don’t take to the first Dark Tower as they would any King’s other film adaptions. It’ll be a totally different experience (I hope) and obviously a negative response will lessen the chance of the story following on. The second being that this could be a series that’s too long for an adaption. These books are long, and the level of detail in them is high. Trimming off too much could remove the depth of Stephen King’s masterpiece.


The film is due for release on January 13th, 2017.


What do you think about the Dark Tower? Who else do you think should be cast? Let us know!


Half-Life 3 not confirmed.



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