Monthly Archives: March 2016

Final Fantasy XV gets a demo

Play the new demo right now

Final Fantasy XV’s world is gorgeous

Gargghh my eyes can't take the sights

Final Fantasy XV to get Anime prequel

Square Enix are really puling out all the stops for Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV release date announced

It may have taken a decade but the wait is Finally over

Fate/Extra-Last Encore to receive an anime adaptation by studio SHAFT!

It was announced at Animejapan 2016 that Studio Shaft of Madoka Magica and Monogatari fame have been chosen to adapt Marvelous` PSP classic into an animated TV series scheduled  for a 2017 premier. Kinoko Nasu the creator of Fate/Stay night

The Jungle Book: ‘Intro to Shere Khan’ – New Clip

How well will Disney re-invent the wheel?