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New Game Of Thrones Teaser

The Long Winter is coming. Earlier today, HBO released a new, more ominous teaser for the upcoming 6th season of Game Of Thrones, which premieres April 24th. The teaser entirely takes place in The House of Black and White’s Hall of Faces. The

Black Lagoon Review

Girl's, Gun's and Kick Ass explosions!

Final Batman VS Superman Trailer is Here

Batman VS Superman Final Tailer Looks Incredible

Community Contributor Review: The Revenant (2015)

The first community contributor review: The Revenant by Max Colbert

video game’s V.S superhero movies the battle for the future

Will Video Game-inspired films succeed the Saturation of Superheroes? Ever since Marvel hit the big time with Iron Man back in the late 2000’s, superhero movies have been on something of a winning streak, at least on a financial level,

G4me 0f Moans: Episode 1 – Saturation and Sanctimony

In this moan, we discuss Superheroes, Saturation and Sanctimonious characters.