‘Batman v Superman’ to get R-Rated cut.

Well, this is interesting

You read it right, folks, 2016’s biggest superhero face-off IS GETTING AN R-RATED CUT exclusively for Blu-Ray. For our UK readers, that’s a 15 or 18 rating.
Sure, the harder, darker, ‘Ultimate Edition’ will be for home media rather than theatrical release but it shows that the film industry and the big studios are thinking.
I would be very sure that this studio decision is a reaction to the unexpected, near half a billion dollar success of Deadpool.
I look forward to this version with cautious optimism because, although we now know Hollywood are paying attention, they do have a tendency to take the wrong lesson from groundbreaking moves and revolutionary tactics.

The MPAA have noted “sequences of violence” as part of their R-Rating. The fact that is the violence that they are noting says to me that we could well be getting bloody violence and broken bones. Despite this, I can see this one being a pretty soft R, like Kingsman.


My optimism is rendered even more cautious because BvS is a $200m film. Studios and financiers are going to want to make sure their hundreds of millions make their way back to them and how does Hollywood normally do this? Constant compromises and studio intervention. Deadpool, on the other hand, cost $58m to make, a relatively small figure and so a much smaller risk




– Matt S





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