X-Files Countdown: X-File no. 1

I Want To Believe

One more day to go until Mulder and Scully are back on our TV screens.

This X-File starts in the pilot episode, Mulder and Scully are called investigate the mysterious deaths of four teens. Mulder believes the teens to all be abductees. It was of course the first time anybody had seen a TV show like this and the first time the audience has been introduced to the calm collected Agent Scully and Spooky Mulder.

The alien conspiracy that drives the X-Files mythology is laid out in this very first episode. The very same X-File is revisited once again almost a decade later in the season seven finale. The season seven finale is important because it was where David Duchovny said goodbye to X-Files as a regular character with seasons eight and nine being relatively uninspiring to the core X-Files fanbase. But the revisit to that original X-File is still one of the best and most talked about episodes with an ending that quite frankly nobody saw coming.

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– Dan P




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