X-Files Countdown: X-File no. 3

I Want to Believe

Todays X-File is Closure from season seven. Mulder’s obsessive search for his sister , whom he believes was abducted, that has driven his every action whilst pouring through the X-Files; comes to a close.

Mulder and Scully are asked to investigate Ed Truelove and the disappearance of a young girl called Amber. Truelove denies having any involvement on her disappearance and admits to the kidnappng and brutal murder of twenty four children in what is arguably the darkest X-Files episode.

Ambers disappearance reminds mulder of his sister Samantha’s disappearance and we watch as he is guided by a vision/spirit of his sister spurring him on to find Amber. As the title of the episode suggests Mulder finally gets closure on is sisters disappearance, closure to a seven year story arc.

In one of the more emotionally charged X-Files episodes Mulder is finally forced to admit that he will never see his sister again and in a bitter sweet and truly moving conclusion, he accepts that Samantha is dead and at peace.

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– Dan P



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