X-Files Countdown: X-File no. 5

I Want To Believe

To help make the wait for the premier of the X-Files revival we thought we would count down our top five moments for the X-Files 9 season run. So here goes.

Moment number one is a biggie and narrowing down which one i wanted to put first took a long while do I talk about the moment Mulder and Scull first meet, the first time we meet Cancer Man there are so many great moments to choose from after all.

My first moment actually doesn’t involve any of the Alien mythology. I want to talk about the first monster of the week episode an episode that set up a tone that may have wobbled slightly over the show’s nine year run but set forth to prove that TV could be just as dark and nerve wracking as the movies.

Episode three of season one Squeeze. Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate a violent murder in a locked room. As it turns out the culprit was one Eugene Victor Tooms, a man who can contort himself to squeeze into small crawl spaces stalking his prey (humans) harvesting body parts.

It remains one of the creepiest X-File the duo had to investigate and one of the darkest and creepiest monsters to grace TV screens then and even now.

Do you remember the first time you saw Eugene Tooms? let us know in the comments what are your favourite X-Files moments?

– Dan P





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