Half-Life mod Sven Co-op released on Steam today

17 year old mod makes its way to Steam, finally!


After what feels like an age Sven Co-op is finally coming to Steam! The Half-Life add on was first introduced to the world only a few weeks after the original release of the game back in 1997. Since them its gone through a variety of iterations to get to the 5.0 release that we will see today. A list of features can be found on the Sven Co-op website, which has a vast list of updates that has been implemented and allowed this game to become the powerful add on that it is today. To top this all off, the original copy Half-Life has been included in the free price tag!


It’s amazing to see a fan made mode that started off so small and so long ago reach this kind of mile stone. The original Half-Life is a monumental point in the path to the modern day FPS. Sven still runs off the Goldsrc Engine (an updated Quake 2 engine) and although it looks aged, the developers have shown just what it’s capable of. I know I’ll be installing this on my computer and getting some people together to give this another run through with friends. Head over to the Steam store page to check it out further. Having said all of this, at the time of this post (1pm) it’s available for download, but keep your eyes out!


Half-Life 3 not confirmed.


Genre: First Person Shooter, Multiplayer

Original release: 1999

Original game : Half-Life (1999)

Original developer: Valve


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