Star Wars Episode VIII Delayed

I can feel a disturbance in the force

It has been confirmed that Star Wars episode VIII will now open December 15 2017 and not the originally slated May 26 2017.

There are several reasons given for the delay but the main one being writer director Rian Johnson is re-writing the script to develop Finn, Rey and Poe a little more and to downplay the role of a few new characters to be introduced in Ep VIII. This is in reaction to feedback from The Force Awakens and what people want from the three protagonists. Nice to see these things are being taken on board at Disney HQ.

An upside to this is we will keep have a years breathing space between Rogue one and Episode VIII instead of just under six months. Rogue One is set to drop December 16 this year.

Interesting fact, this delay will put Star Wars and Avatar 2 in direct competition so I predict James Cameron’s next film will also have a change of release date, I guess we will have to wait and see.

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– Dan P



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