Daredevil Season 2 Trailer is here!

Netflix’s incredible show returns on the 18th of March!

The first season on Daredevil was easily one of the best pieces of TV I’ve seen it years. Each episode had you sucked in, clinging to the word of each character and watching in awe at how awesome some of the fight scenes were shot. I can’t say that over the years I was the biggest Daredevil fan (and like most people, was put off by the film) but I soon became one. It was down the incredible partnership of Marvel and Netflix that this spawned. Spread over 13 episodes they took you through an intense origin story with a weighty narrative and showcased how Marvel can a ‘Dark Knight’ of their own.

Today saw the release of the first trailer for the second season, and while it gives no specific details on how the season will play out, it nicely recaps the first. It follows the dark tone of the first season and intrigues you to the point where, if you haven’t already, you have to go ahead and read about it further! The trailer is available to view below, and is the season itself can be watched from March 18th worldwide. As of yet, there doesn’t appear to be any details of whether that is from the stroke of midnight, or whether it’ll be later in the day. In this day and age, spoilers can spread fast over the internet and I’m hoping that the release will be at a similar time across the globe.


From the details that have surfaced so far, we know The Punisher and Elektra are featured. The Punisher has been featured in movies heavily before, with some doing better than others. Not just because of their way of going about how the Punisher is shown to us, but because the films were just poor. Elektra, similarly, hasn’t had much luck on the cinema front. Judging by the way Marvel and Netflix did an incredible job of bringing us Daredevil after the tour tasting film, I’m hoping they’ll do the same job with these characters!

Another interesting point is that the series airs the same week that Batman v Superman is out, a week before infact. Original rumors were that it was going to be released the same day, but those obviously haven’t come to be. Still, what a week that’s going to be! One Friday we’re treated to Daredevil, the next is Dawn of Justice!

What do you think of the trailer? Did you find the first season and mind blowing as we did? Let us know!


– Bean



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