Friday First Three: Black Butler

His Butler, Persuasive

“You see I’m simply just on hell of a Butler”

– Sebastian.

As the end of year anime series enter their last couple of episodes I find myself looking through the ever growing list of recommendations from friends and the internet at large where upon I stumbled in to Black Butler a 36 episode series by A1 Pictures. A series I had written of as fan girl BL fan service, and boy was I wrong.

As I set out on my voyage into the world of BB I was reserved in my expectation’s. I was well aware that I was going to encounter many flamboyant men in tailor made suits and a young master of the house with little to no passions and a love for good old English tea, yes I did find all of these but not as I had imagined. And so I set out to test out the waters of BB in the form of the first three episodes,Ep1- “his butler, Able”,Ep2- “his butler, Strongest” Ep3- “his butler, Omnipotent” and what a simple but enjoyable adventure it was filled with eccentric characters from cockney as all hell maids to a cross-dressing suicidal butler with an infatuation complex all of these characters will have you laughing from the very start.

Sebastian, a master with cutlery. As any good butler should be

Sebastian, a master with cutlery. As any good butler should be

The two main pillars of the series, Ciel and Sebastian, are the focal point of the series and their relationship as master and servant is a powerful and engrossing one. Their bond is similar to that found in Anne Rice’s interview with a vampire between Louis and the vampire Lestat, a master and servant relationship that just might be something more.

The first three episodes are a jaring experience to watch, going from non stop slap stick comedy found in the intro to most episodes, which is then followed up by something on the other side of the spectrum like murder, embezzlement or even Jack the Ripper and through it all is the constant allure to the backstory of the young master and his connection to Sebastian that is continuously hinted a throughout the intro episode’s with every little snipit of information you receive leaving you craving for more.

Ciel, looking very demonic

Ciel, looking very demonic

All of this activity hinges on the performances given by the voice actors of the two male leads. J. Michael Tatum as Sebastian gives an excellent performance with just the right level of suaveness to the demonic souls eating butler. Whereas Brina Palencia as Ciel gives a complimentary polar performance as a cold and calculating young boy who has aged beyond his years due to the events he has been involved in.

Now to get down to the nitty gritty of G4me0vers first threes.
“Did you like it right off the bat?”
As an avid anime watcher I tend to stay away from comedy and the slice of life genre in favour of something more towards the shonen side of things so when I finished episode one it did not instantly grab me it wasn’t untill the end of ep2 that I started to enjoy my time with Black Butler.

“Will you continue watching?” 
At the time of this post I am currently up to ep13 of S1 of Black Butler and I have no plans of dropping the series in my small time with the series I have been treated to murder, cross-dressing, dog fighting, jack the ripper, suicidal butlers and of course plenty of cups of tea.

– Aaron



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