Christopher Nolan’s next project announced!

And it’s currently titled “Dunkirk”

 News broke yesterday that Christopher Nolan, one of Britain’s smartest and successful auteurs, is to lead the charge on a World War II film, currently titled Dunkirk, that will surely be described using advertising buzzwords like “immersive” and “epic”.

Here’s the thing with Nolan though, he knows cinema, he knows the intricacies of the cinema-going experience. We, here at G4me0ver, believe that it will be epic and immersive in truest and most meaningful sense of those words because when Nolan makes a film, he is making an event that you’d be sorry to miss and a world that you will be a part of for the next 2 or so hours.

The production is going to be huge; the evacuation at Dunkirk in the 1940s saw hundreds of thousands of allied troops rescued by fleets of ships of every size and we are certainly going to witness the enormity of this event as best as film can deliver because Nolan is planning to shoot the whole thing in 65mm and IMAX, two extremely high resolution and immersive formats of which Nolan is a huge proponent.

As of this writing, Kenneth Branagh is in talks to star in the film alongside two-time Nolan alumnus & man of the hour, Tom Hardy, and current award season front runner Mark Rylance. It is also believed that currently unknown teenage actors will be taking centre stage in what is already being described as a “gripping and powerful story”.

Dunkirk is being written by Christopher Nolan and his brother, Jonathon, and is due for release on July 21st 2017.

– Matt  S




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