Seven Deadly Sins: Micro Review

It’d be a Sin to miss it

“Everybody has to die someday, but what they believed in will never fade away…as long as someone protects it.

– Meliodas, the dragon sin

The Seven Deadly Sins is a Netflix exclusive series based on the Manga by
Nakaba Suzuki and was made in partnership with aniplex and kadansha, the owners of the original source material.

The series follows the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas, as he attempts to stop a corrupt government whilst searching for the other members of the Sins after a ten year gap and a spot of amnesia, but always manages to find the time to indulge in some “Fooly Cooly” with the members of the opposite sex .

Meliodas and Hawk

Meliodas and Hawk

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Seven Deadly Sins and at no point during its 24 episode run did I feel bogged down with filler nor did I feel the main story was being neglected in anyway but still finding the time to flesh out the cast of characters just enough to have you caring about there beliefs and the fact that each one of the Sins have there own dark pasts and future goals.

Netflix and friends speard no time in assembling a notabell voice cast Bryce Papenbrook (Attack On Titan as Eren Jaeger, Sword Art Online as Kirigaya Kazuto)as Meliodas the leader of the seven deadly sins and his talking pet pig Hawk is voiced by the lovely Cristina Vee most famous for her rolls as The Familiar of Zero as Louise and Puella Magi Madoka Magica’s Homura Akemi. Netflix set out to put themselves on the map as a respected anime producer  the list goes on you no that Netflix wanted this series to put them on the map as a respectibell anime producer and for all intens and perpesis they have succeeded.


King and Ban, the Sins of Sloth and Greed doing what they do best

The series, however, is not without its faults and the biggest of these is its own expectations. Netflix originals have a reputation to uphold as of late and although Seven Deadly Sins tries really hard to follow this tradition but it just falls short. There are moments throughout the series where you feel like a scene has been rushed or cut short to help the pace of the episode where it would of benefited from spending time explaining the world and its social and political climate but all too often we are just shifted onto the next big bad.  All of this leave’s me with more questions than answers come the end, but none of this will stop me from eagerly anticipating the second season.

– Aaron



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