NEW Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer

We’re not impressed

 For those who saw the Terminator: Genisys trailer, you saw it spoil a major mid-point twist for the film, the John Connor reveal.
This new Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice conjures up those same feelings of disappointment and anti-climax.

I always welcome a new trailer, but when it reveals too much, it ceases to be a trailer and becomes an abbreviated version of the film.
Trailers should give you a sense, a feeling, of the film to come.
They’re supposed to get you excited because they rely on you not knowing everything.

Now we know that:
– Bruce Wayne knows Clark Kent is Superman
– Clark Kent at least has an inkling that Bruce Wayne is Batman
– The Joker is an established villain of this universe.
– Lex Luthor is obviously playing both of them
– Lex Luthor is sO rAnDoM aNd qUIrkY lololol!
– I wish that Bryan Cranston should definitely have been cast as Lex
– Zod’s corpse will somehow be used to bring about Doomsday
– The rivalry between the title characters will jut get thrown to one side in the face of Doomsday.
– The marketing is bad. The editing is worse.
– Batman and Superman are definitely going to get into a fight, like we didnt already know that.


Mat S




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