South Park – Naughty Ninjas review

Out with the old

“Wow. Our town has only had a Whole Foods for a month and already we don’t need cops.”

– Randy Marsh

Continuing the towns accent into modern times the town of South Park turns it’s eye on the incompetent police force, starting with Officer Barbrady. For years Barbrady was the towns only line of defence but now he’s out-dated and the last straw was his shooting of a Mexican…sorry Latino America student at South Park elementary, he has to go. “Your from another time Barbrady” Mayor McDaniels tells him as he gets fired from the force.

Naughty Ninjas 2

Officer Barbrady looks out of place next to the modern South Park police force

It’s been a long while since Barbrady has really shown up in the series, even more time since his last plot line. He represents a South Park of a bygone era something not only noted by his bumbling antics but also in his physical appearance, something I’m sure Matt and Trey were playing up to since he hasn’t really changed since season one. It’s actually quite emotional to see him stood in all his poorly animated glory, stood next to the new generation of South Park police with updated facial features and shading. There are a few call-backs to previous episodes in this weeks but the oldest call back has to be the Chicken Lover reference in Barbrady’s apartment, an episode from way back in season two. It’s a little sad to see him out of his uniform and without his sunglasses for the first time ever.

Barbrady and the infamous chicken lover

Barbrady and the infamous chicken lover

Barbrady’s actions call for the town to ban the police force for injuring any monitories whether they are criminals or not. Sergeant Yates and his men are not happy with this since it takes all the fun out of their work “Hey Mitch, you wanna go down and arrest some homeless people but not be able to beat up any minorities?, No thank you”.

With Barbrady gone and the police uninterested in the new PC policing guidelines, the town decide that they don’t need any cops at all, as depicted in a montage of the town rallying against the police to the tune of NWA’s F*&k the Police. A town as sophisticated and PC as theirs has become doesn’t have law and order issues, naturally.

Naughty ninjas 4

Along side Officer Barbrady’s outdating story line, the show made points on police brutality. Since taking over as the shows main law enforcer Sargent Yates has solved a large umber of crimes, usually resulting in him and his officers dealing out rough justice, this of course will not do in the more PC town of South Park. I didn’t find this story as engaging as Barbrady’s, partly because of the nostalgic effect Barbrady had on me and partly because it just didn’t get enough focus this was a subject that could definitely have had it’s own episode, but I am glad they decided to bring back Barbrady, if only to push him out.

While the town is getting rid of it’s police the boys have taken it upon them selves to protect the town by playing Ninjas. They manage to scare several people away from SodoSopa whilst playing as ninjas, unbeknownst to them it’s because they town think that their Ninja costumes make them look like Isis members. It’s really funny watching cartman try to justify his initial “Ninjas are gay” statements by trying to pin the blame on all the other kids and mixing up their identities as he talks to them.

It’s classic South Park through and through the boys playing innocently and the adults jumping to the most outrageous conclusions. Thus calling upon officer Barbrady to once again defend the town like he did solely all those years ago and shoot more minority children, this time their not innocent minority children so it’s ok.

The boys in their Ninja outfits

The boys in their Ninja outfits


The episode wraps up nicely with the ironic conclusion that by turning a blind eye to the towns police force beating up minorities is the best way for them to protect their newly found PC image.

The episode draws to a close with Barbrady in an interrogation room with a man in black letting him know that he has stumbled upon the biggest threat, Leslie a south park elementary student and a common target for PC principle’s outbursts during assemblies. I think this might have been a brief glimpse at the conclusion of the PC arc for the season and the fact that Barbrady will be a part of it leads me to believe that the old ways will have to battle with the new ways, so perhaps we will see other forgotten characters make an appearance in the last few episodes of this season.

Episodes: Series Ongoing (Episode 7 of Season 19, Episode 264 Overall)

Genre: Animation / Sitcom

Original Channel: Comedy Central

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