Final Fantasy XIV 3.1

The Final Fantasy saga continues 

As Goes light, So Goes Darkness will be available from November 10th, the same day as Bethesda’s Fallout 4, and will be the newest content patch to greet the ever-growing population of Eorzea. With it comes a plethora of content including a new 24-man raid named “The Void Ark” that fans of the Crystal Tower series are sure to fall in love with.
Judging from the information we have received from the Live Letter, the role requirements for access to The Void Ark will be similar to those of the World of Darkness.

A new addition that will be present in 3.1 is the introduction of “Exploratory Missions” which are an expansion of the Free company Airship system that was introduced in Heavensword.
The missions will allow players to explore a large number of islands both with and without a party. Players can even encounter other parties and high end monsters while on their adventure. The islands in question can be accessed via expeditionary airships from Ishgard or your FC house.
Missions will have a difficulty modes from easy to hard. Each increasing difficulty has its own growing selection of enemies and, as a result, more treasure chests will be awarded to the party able to complete the harder modes. Hard mode will only be accessible by FCs and will be a 8-24 man run, whereas easy and normal will be the standard 8-man team.
Not to be forgotten, the Gathering classes will have a chance to get their hands dirty by farming for rare items that are unique to each island.

The best of the rest:

– As with all of ARR’s patches, we will be treated to more of the ever-expending main scenario.

– A new addition to the Beast Tribe quest will be introduced in the form of the Vanu Vanu

– The conditions for unlocking “Ravana Ex” have been removed, you no longer need to have completed Bismarck Ex to do Ravana Ex and both of these Ex Primals will be available in the duty finder for the first time in 3.1

– Two new dungeons are being introduced. the first is the “Saint Mocianne Arboretum” and the second is the “Pharos Sirius” hard mode.

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Developer: Square Enix
Age Rating: 16+
Platforms: Playstation 4 & Playstation 3, Mac OSX and Windows


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