South Park: Tweek x Craig Review

Fanfic made real

“Wow. Our town has only had a Whole Foods for three weeks and we already have our first gay kids. So cool.”

– Randy Marsh

It is a rivalry that will go down in history, and epic mutual hatred that sets these two apart. I’m talking of course about Tweek and Craig. One of my all time favourite South Park episodes was “Tweek vs. Craig” which aired back in season three, some sixteen years ago. In it, the boys want to see who is the better fighter, Tweek or Craig. So they decide to stir things up until the two have a fight. This week’s episode decides to revisit that rivalry.

Tweek Vs Craig Season 3

Tweek Vs Craig Season 3

Again sticking with the running continuity of the season, Wendy has made friends with some of the new Asian girls at South Park elementary, she decides to hold an assembly to educate the school about art, in particular Yaoi (look it up), and in more particular Tweek and Craig Yaoi. I’m not sure if this is something that Matt and Trey have only just picked up on or if they just decided that now was the right time to comment on it because Tweek and Craig Yaoi has been going around for a very long time, since the Tweek vs. Craig episode I’d hazard a guess at. Whats really cool is that Matt and Trey asked fans to send in their fan art for this episode.


Wendy’s Asian Art Assembly


A criticism I made on an early episode was that Matt and Trey were letting the whole new found continuity of this season dictate the plot of further episodes. I was very pleased to see the opposite on action here, in fact this episode could have fit into any season the story of Tweek and Craig’s forbidden love (a story which had me in stitches from beginning to end) came first and the continuity was just made to fit around it where it made sense to.

Yaoi has made a huge impact on the town of South Park and everyone wants to hang pictures of Tweek and Craig up on their walls. I originally thought this episode was going to deal with homophobia, but that of course wouldn’t gel with the towns more accepting, PC image. South Park is thrilled to have their first gay child couple and poor Tweek and Craig have become heroes for something they’re not and something neither of them really understand. The more childish their arguments got, the more they seemed like a couple on the rocks. Before long the entire towns happiness relied on the happiness of Tweek and Craig as a couple, so when they staged a fake break up to get the town to stop bothering them, it had the exact opposite effect.

The use of Yaoi art was what drove the best comedic moments, starting out as a slide show at Wendy’s assembly and moving on to local arts fairs where the townsfolk were buying pictures of Tweek and Craig and finally, much to Tweek and Craig’s dismay, to a mural painted on the side of the school. A musical montage to Peter Gabriel’s The Book of Love with the town buying and hanging up pictures of Tweek and Craig in their own homes and looking fondly at them as they walk down the street with the boys not quite knowing what’s going on is amazing.


Of course Randy being newly PC has to have his say. In classic Randy fashion, whilst trying to explain homosexuality to Stan, he gets mixed up with Stan’s confusion about how Tweek and Craig are gay just because there is some Yaoi art of them. So, the few towns folk that take the homophobic stance towards Tweek and Craig get a-talking to Randy, explaining to him that being gay isn’t the choice of those who fall in love, but merely the choice of Japan and their mystical Yaoi art.

Along side the Tweek and Craig Yaoi story is Cartman’s “Cupid Me” story. Yes, Cupid Me is back and Cartman decides that since the Yaoi says Tweek and Craig are supposed to be together, then that is what must happen. Along the way, Cartman discovers that Cupid Me has feelings for him and it’s such a bizarre story line that it just works. At one point, Cartman walks into a gay bar and has a lovers quarrel with his imaginary friend while the rest of the bar watches in bewilderment. Since Cartman is the towns biggest narcissist, strange as it may seem, it makes perfect sense that he would fall in love with himself.

Cartman x Cupid Me

Cartman x Cupid Me


The writing in this episode reminded me so much of the show’s earlier seasons. The town will do anything to make Tweek and Craig fall in love again, it was hilarious watching as several people gave Tweek and Craig a hundred dollars just for being gay. And finally, when Tweek and Craig just decide that pretending to be gay would make the town much happier and stop meddling with their lives is actually an extremely satisfying conclusion, they don’t don’t for themselves, they do it for the town. Like old South Park, the boys were the driving force of the story, the voice of reason, and the adults were just caught up in the moment and ran with all the wrong ideas getting carried away until the boys fix it. It is one of the funniest episodes in a long time.

This just goes to show that the new South Park can mix with the old almost perfectly. More like this please.


Episodes: Series Ongoing (Episode 6 of Season 19, Episode 263 Overall)

Genre: Animation / Sitcom

Original Channel: Comedy Central

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– Dan P



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