New Warcraft Poster

Officially titled “Warcraft: The Beginning”


Yesterday, the new poster for the upcoming Warcraft film hit the internet.
Yes, THAT “Warcraft”, as in World of Warcraft, as in the video game adaptation that has been on the cards since 2006.
David Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones who previously directed Moon and Source Code, is directing the film and it is expected to be the definitive video game film adaptation. It’s due to be released June 10th 2016.
If you’re reading this, i’m sure you’ve seen at least one of the Resident Evil films, or Silent Hill or Alone in the Dark or Bloodrayne or another adaptation of questionable quality. It’s a curse that Warcraft (now titled “Warcraft: The Beginning” in the UK) and Assassin’s Creed are looking to break.


– Mat S



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