Everything we know about: Fallout 4

War. War Never Changes.

We have tirelessly poured over all the facts, rumours and fan theories to help bring you a comprehensive guide of what you can expect when going into “Fallout 4”.

“Fallout 4” is developed by Bethesda Softworks, their first game since they took an arrow to the knee in 2011’s Skyrim. Once again, Todd Howard takes the helm as Head of Development.


The game will be, once again, be narrated by the brilliant Ron Perlman, who even admitted on his twitter that it was the hardest secret he’s ever had to keep.

Boston will be our new home town when we once again delve in to the American wasteland, a number of new location’s where announced at QuakeCon 2015 ranging from Covvega a power plant over rund by raiders, and Lexington a Boston suburb noted as the birthplace of the American revolution.
We no from trailer’s that the game will start before the bombs fell and the mane character you play as husband or wife of a family of three will emerges as the soul survivor of vault 111, 200 years after entering with his family.
The E3 trailer featured the Bunker Hill monument, the Massachusetts State House and Scollay square.

Another new addition to F4 is the player’s ability to build their very own personal settlement with its own economy that you can equip with electricity and crops, which would eventually become sustainable. The level of detail used in this aspect of the game is something you can tell that Bethesda have put great deal of effort into; the result is an extra layer on what already appears to be a complex, nuanced game.

The settlement system is fuelled by the player’s ability to deconstruct pretty much any collectable item and even certain parts of pre-existing structures. We have yet to learn more about the system in greater detail. All crafting material gained this way can be used to create new and exciting items including weapon fixtures, generators that you can use to power street lights and trip-activated flamethrower turrets. Why not, this is Fallout.

The weapon crafting system introduced in “New Vegas” has returned more expansive than ever. F4 will be host to a base set of 50 standard weapons, all of which will be fully customizable; from hilt to the barrel every detail of your weapon is at your disposal, giving you the ability to breathe life in to your very own boomstick. This lets the player adapt a weapon to their play style. Shotgun with a sniper scope? Sure. A handgun with a clip that holds 40 bullets? Go for it. Of course, this is only possible if you have the raw materials and the right stats. They wouldn’t want it to be too easy, now would they.

Look at all those options! It's crazy!

Look at all those options! It’s crazy!

A Wastelander is nothing if he/she cannot take and dish out the damage. Every players’ favourite armour is back and better than ever. This time around, your power armour, much like the weapons system, is fully customisable from the helmet to spike-plated steel toe caps. Yes, the upgrading system does apply to your armour this time around, although we don’t now much about the additional add-ons as yet. We did get a bit of game play at this year’s E3 which showed that one particular power armour was equipped with a bloody jet-pack! A jet-pack, man. Whoo!
Will there be other accessories for the armour, but only time will tell. For now, all we can do is speculate.

The character creation system present in Fallout 4 will be Bethesda’s “most advanced” one to date. The ridiculous level of detail that they have achieved in comparison to past games is obvious. [you need a picture here]

One of the biggest additions to the series is that Fallout 4 will be home to the first fully voiced protagonists in the franchise’s history. The executive producer, Todd Howard, believes this will add more weight to the emotional arcs throughout the experience.
Each of the protagonists has recorded over 13,000 lines of dialog, which is more than Fallout 3 and Skyrim combined.
The dialog system has been upgraded so that it allows players the option to walk away from a conversation at any point in order to stop them getting locked into a conversation window.

Just like in all of the previous entries in the Fallout franchise, your character’s stats are governed by the “S.P.E.C.I.A.L” system, these seven attributes range from strength to charisma to luck. Each has 10 perks, making the base total 70 from which to choose. If they have multiple tiers, we can estimate a total of 275 perk levels to choose from by game’s end.
If you have the right stats for a level 10 perk but do not poses levels 1-9, you can just go straight ahead and choose number 10 irrespective of not having any other stats of that class.

As always a fallout game wouldn’t be complete without the V.A.T.S targeting system. In previous iterations the V.A.T.S system time would freeze whilst the player picks different parts of the enemy to shoot, with each extremity having a percentage showing the likelihood that a shot will hit its mark. This works the same in Fallout 4 with one exception, time now slows down instead of stopping altogether meaning that you are no longer safe while in V.A.T.S and the percentages will change as enemies move making timing a little more crucial this time around.


All the enemies in Fallout 4 will be follow’s the “Rubberbanding” formula, one area might be populated by enames that scale with in a certain low rang, wile another area would have enemies that start at a much higher level.

Everybody’s favourite K9 wastelander is back once again and he comes with a fresh set of skills. From retreving items to scouting out new areas and, with enough affection, he will even fight enemies alongside you.


The game will hit shelves alongside a “Pip Boy edition”, which will give the lucky owner a full-sized, wrist-mounted peripheral which can be paired with a mobile phone to access in-game character stats and equipment. Sadly, supplies are limited and stock is already sold out at most retailers.

For the first time in Fallout history, the fourth installment will support modding on PC, XBOX One and, at a later date, PS4 if Sony gives their approval.

Bethesda has confirmed that the game will continue after the end of the main scenario and that players will be able to avoid killing characters if they wish.

The game is due for release November 10th 2015.



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