South Park: Your Not Yelping review

Reviewers get ready to eat some humble pie

“All these people are trying to be like me – and they don’t even write about poop consistency the next day”

– Eric Cartman

What happens to a town after it gentrifies and gets lots of swanky new restaurants? Food critics turn up that’s what.

This weeks South Park town-wide obsession is Yelping, the social media outlet for restaurant reviews. An odd choice in my opinion because Yelp isn’t a new phenomenon or all that culturally relevant right now which is not South Park’s usual MO. It feels like this was the direction taken because of last week’s episode. Not that this episode didn’t have laughs because it did I was just expecting something more considering it’s been two weeks since the last episode not one therefore Matt and Trey have had more time to write “Your Not Yelping”.


Cartman meeting new kid, Da-Veed, in school


I’ll start with the good, it’s actually on point when taking pot shots at Yelpers. My criticism about the last episode not having a central character to follow through the madness has been rectified here. The writer’s biggest issues with Yelping are personified by three characters.

Seargant Yates is the voice and opinion for the masses. If he doesn’t tell people where they can eat and where to avoid how can they choose for themselves damn it. He stays in work late with a stack of yelp reviews and he doesn’t want thanks, he’s just doing his job.

Gerald Brofloski is the food critic. He makes sure any restaurant he goes into knows he is a Yelper and gets the best tables and service. He sits in his office smoking a pipe and spouts poetic nonsense about the food he has eaten. Restaurants can be made or broken depending on his Yelp score.

And finally Eric Cartman, of course Cartman takes the role of cyber bully. If he doesn’t get what he wants he will make it his mission to purposely destroy their reputation in response.


It’s a clever way to portray these Yelper traits. It’s not just Yelping, as it happens, all forms of blogging have these issues. All the towns Yelpers (so most of the town) think that they are the most important Yelper and voice that is most prominent. So when it comes to giving an impassioned speech about the importance of their words everybody speaks at once resulting drowning out all impact and meaning from their words. The plot is not so clever unfortunately and I came away feeling that the townsfolk didn’t really learn anything from their experiences, they do get their comeuppance however, but I will get to that later.

The towns residence are more multicultural thanks to be new restaurant business boom in town. A Cartman picks his victim, Da-Veed, whose parents own the Mexican restaurant in town. Cartman’s bullying of Da-Veed or David as Cartman keeps trying to tell him and the little “bicicleta” joke wears out it welcome almost instantly. It seems as if Cartman had forgotten his pledge to go PC that has been this seasons focus thus far. Cartman has reverted back to his usual self for this episode going against the whole continuity that South Park seems to be striving for.


At one point in the episode the restaurant owners decide to ignore the yelpers so Cartman, Gerald and the others decide to go to war with the restaurants who are ignoring them. The Yelpers are for some bizarre reason are likened to ISIS which, whilst it was funny to watch a beheading of the Whistlin’ Willies mascot, felt tacked on. Their was absolutely no reason for this comparison to be made other than sheer shock value of being able to cut in actual ISIS training camp footage on with the Yelpers going on a rampage.


They keep mentioning the lines “I’ll get this town what it really deserves” and I was expecting some big pay off but nothing comes of it so either this joke or plot line was abandoned or perhaps it will serve as the set up for a story down the line possibly, it just didn’t quite sit right with me and seemed to get lost.

Thankfully the episode does close out with the Yelpers getting their just desserts, and an epic musical number to rival crème fraîche, it had me crying with laughter.

So while this episode may have had a few good jokes and a song that I’m sure will go viral, it just felt like a step in the opposite direction from last weeks show and was a little inconsistent with the continuity that Matt and Trey have been pushing thus far. 

And of course this review is the only review you will ever need to read as it will surely go down in the annals of time, for I am the voice of the people.


Episodes: Series Ongoing (Episode 4 of Season 19, Episode 261 Overall)

Genre: Animation / Sitcom

Original Channel: Comedy Central

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