The Star Wars: Force Awakens poster we have been waiting for

A poster from a galaxy far, far away….


After what we thought would take an age Disney have finally released the full theatrical poster. It comes as the 2 month countdown begins for the film hitting cinemas across the globe. Since the first one came out 1977 the traditional poster has been displayed in homes, cinemas, bill boards, etc and we know this will do the same. Following the familiar Drew Struzan style, the characters displayed are normally the ones you expect to see, and the ones that are named at the bottom.


There are a great many things that you can get from this poster. For starters; there is no Luke Skywalker. Although we’ve yet to really see him in a trailer (you can count his hand if you wish), his voice was in the latest. Theories have spun around as to where he is, with even some speculating that Disney are saving his main appearance for Episode VIII. This is all odd considering that Han, Leia, Chewie, R2-DN and C-3PO are featured, although no heavily. This really gives way to the fact that with this series taking place 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi this new segment of series is for the new comers. Both Finn and Rey are set to be the two main protagonists.


The two biggest parts of the poster are taken up by Kylo Ren, who we know has taken to the dark side of the force, and what can only be described as a new version of the Death Star. What’s interesting is that it’s featured above Finn, and is following his light colour scheme. It’s definitely given us a lot to think about, and all this a couple of days before the final trailer is released. Up until now Disney has shown little in the way of plot, and has really had us go through the clips and pictures figuring out what could be possibly be in store.


Tickets for the film go on sale tomorrow, 19.10.2015, with the final trailer coming on 20.10.215. The film comes out in the UK on 17th December 2015. Let us know what you think of the poster, and what possible theories you have!



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