Die Hard Six plans announced

Die Hard 6 – Part Prequel, Part Sequel

20th Century Fox has very recently announced plans to develop a sixth installment in the Die Hard franchise that would serve as a prequel to the 1988 action classic as well as a sequel to the 2013 tragedy that was A Good Day To Die Hard.

The film, tentatively titled Die Hard Year One, is under development from Die Hard 4.0 director Len Wiseman.

I know what you’re thinking, “Huh?”, so are we and so are other film/tv sites. They surely can’t be thinking of involving time travel (a la The Terminator). Apparently, Willis will star as a present day John McClane, meanwhile, the rest of the story may take place in 1979, 9 years before the original film and will feature John as the average, everyday police officer he was before becoming the hero of Nakatomi plaza and a Hollywood icon.

This is a real issue because part of the appeal of the original Die Hard was that McClane was just a regular cop with marriage troubles who had to rise against seasoned terrorists to become the unlikely hero of the day. John McClane is distinctive for his unremarkableness and so, can’t possibly have an interesting origin story. This feels like a cynical cash grab to me.
I wish that they would just leave it alone, not every franchise has to be brought back from the dead.

Watch this space

– Mat S





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