DeNiro, Pacino and Pesci are back!

Martin Scorsese to direct The Irishman

It’s no secret that Martin Scorsese has a busy schedule. As of 2015, he is currently directing the upcoming 2016 film Silence (starring Andrew Garfield, Liam Neeson and Adam Driver), as well as attaching himself to the long-in-the-making Frank Sinatra biopic (starring DeNiro and Pacino), a Bill Clinton documentary, a Ramones biopic, a Grateful Dead documentary, a Mike Tyson biopic (starring Jamie Foxx) and “The Devil in the White City” which will star Leonardo DiCaprio as H.H. Holmes, America’s first modern and most prolific serial killer.


Time to solidly add a gangster film to that long list. Scorsese’s latest announcement of his long gestating project, tentatively titled I Heard You Paint Houses, (interchangeably referred to as The Irishman) has set film news websites and blogs ablaze with excitement. G4meover is no exception, especially when I’m writing the post.

So, why the big deal? 3 reasons

1. Robert DeNiro is set to star, returning to his gangster roots and collaborating with Scorsese (for the 9th time) on a feature film for the first time in over 20 years.

2. Al Pacino is also set to star alongside DeNiro for the first time since Heat (we don’t talk about Righteous Kill). It’s always a huge deal when these two acting legends of Hollywood are in the same film. So how about we add a third?


“Funny in what way? Like a clown? am i here to amuse you?”

3. Joe Pesci, best known for his violent thuggish roles in Scorsese’s Goodfellas and Casino, as well as his more comedic performances in the Home Alone films, who has been retired from acting since 1998, is making a huge return to the screen in the genre he does best in, alongside actors who will bring out the best in his abilities.

DeNiro is set to play the lead role of Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran, a violent mob enforcer, who claimed to have killed over 20 people for La Cosa Nostra.

Yes, it’s based on a real guy, whose experiences were the basis for a book.

 “To paint a house is to kill a man. The paint is the blood that splatters on the wall and floors.”

DeNiro has claimed that shooting may commence next year and that it’s happening slowly but surely.

I worry about this film; Scorsese has never made a bad gangster film, which gives me hope, but DeNiro, Pesci and Pacino are waaaaaaay past their prime and, together, have a collective age of over 200. Additionally, DeNiro and Pacino haven’t been in anything truly great for a very long time, sure, they’ve had the occasional good film, but nothing as great as Casino, or Scarface or Devil’s Advocate. Limitless wasn’t bad, but DeNiro’s contribution to its overall quality is negligible.

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– Mat S




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