One-Punch Man Review

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The real One-Hit Wonder!

“Let me make one thing clear! I’m not working as a hero because I want you morons to admire me! I do it ’cause I want to!”

– Saitama

Our story takes place in the fictional metropolis of City Z, in a world filled to the brim with unbelievably strong monsters that appear both randomly and often to wreak havoc on the townspeople.

Here’s where our protagonist, Saitama, enters. He is the so called hero of One-Punch Man and has power level so high that whenever he enters or instigates a fight, he defeats every enemy, monster and villain with one, single punch. Now, you think being able to in any fight with a single punch would be cool, right? Well it’s not for Saitama.

Due to his otherworldly strength, our hero has become bored with his adversaries, even if they are invaders from space, men wearing giant lobster armour, or the self-pronounced ‘King of the Ocean’ and he constantly finds himself looking for a worthy opponent (after all, would you want to play every single video game on super-super-easy mode?).

We follow our One-Punch wonder as he attempts to live a relatively normal life whilst also juggling his work with the Heroes Association, his responsibilities as the world’s strongest hero, and the sudden appearance of an overly-enthusiastic apprentice.

One Punch Man Manga Review Wallpaper G4meover

So, what makes One-Punch Man stand out amongst the crowded bookshelf of manga that is the World Wide Web?

For starters, it’s brilliantly stupid how the main protagonist is the strongest character in the whole of City Z. It’s always fun to see side characters try their very hardest to beat the Big Bad of the week just to have Saitama come in at the end, give the villain a clean right hook and save the day without even breaking a sweat.

Another aspect of One-Punch man that we can’t avoid talking about is the beautiful artwork provided by illustrator Yusuke Murata; he has the incredible ability to make cartoon-like designs instantly transform into extremely detailed fight scenes in the space of a few panels, so much so that plenty of the fights included in the series look almost like a storyboard for a film. Put simply, it has the action of DBZ mixed with the detail of Battle Royale.

For all who prefer watching animé to reading manga, you’re in luck! The animé adaptation of One-Punch Man is set to have its first episode released in October, and it looks just as awesome as the manga. Personally, I hope this relatively new manga series spawns what could be the next big animated comedy, so here’s wishing it the best of luck! (You can watch a trailer for the series here)

One Punch Man Manga Review Wallpaper G4meover

Volumes: Ongoing (currently on 9 Volumes as of 30th September 2015)

Genre: Superhero / Action / Parody

Age Rating: Teen (13+ )

Publisher: Viz Media

Writer: One

Artist: Yusuke Murata

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– Aaron (+Isaac)



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