South Park: Where My Country Gone Review

Mr Garrison Trumps the Competition

“In Canada we call a Slow Cosby…Love”

– Charlotte, South Park

After lasts weeks attack on PC culture…and Caitlyn Jenner, South Park set its crosshairs on a more focused subject; Donald Trump and his immigration reform. Immigration isn’t a new topic for South Park, in season 8 (over a decade ago!) Parker and Stone sounded off about their views on immigration with the episode “Goobacks”. While, at first, the episode seems to be a retread of that same story, it veers off in a completely different direction very quickly.

South Park is being overrun by illegal immigrants…Canadians of course, and it falls to Mr Garrison to solve the towns problems. Oh dear.
It starts with Mr Garrison shouting loudly about illegal immigrants, sorry, “undocumented immigrants” as Randy makes a point of scorning Mr Garrison for in a “PC Bro” callback to last week’s events. They’ve infiltrated the school so Mr Garrison, under instruction from PC Principal, must learn to teach classes in both English and “Canadian”. Meaning he has to learn to speak Canadian and learn the Canadian alphabet, ABCDEF Guy!

canadian alphbet

Learn Canadian with Mr Stkrdknmibalz

It’s all too much, and Mr Garrison decides action must be taken and, therefore, he must personally solve America’s immigration problem. He gathers a following quickly with his… erm… radical solutions to the problem. The louder he shouts and the more extreme his solutions, such as his main policies, “Lets build a wall to keep them out” and “F!*@ em all to death”, the more followers he garners.
Strangely reminiscent of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, one could say. It’s at this point the show stops being about the immigration problem and becomes an attack on the immigration reform. Incidentally, the “lets build a wall” line is actually one of Trump’s proposals.

So while Mr Garrison sets about “making America great again”, the boys have their own views and solutions to the problem. Firstly, Kyle needs to stop making speeches as they open the flood gates to bigotry and can be sometimes misconstrued as a call for action getting people riled up for the wrong reasons. A clever and valid point to make but there was just not enough of a focus on this issue to make it interesting. The boys stop Kyle making his speeches throughout the episode and it becomes more of a running gag than anything else.

The other solution that the boys, mainly Cartman, come up with to stop the feud between American and Canadian students is to create a union between the two. Having an American boy fall in love with a Canadian girl would ease tensions, an idea they got from the classic tale…Lion King 2, what else? Of course Butters is chosen and he has to find a Canadian girl to “Hot Cosby” in order to save the day.


Now, the dangerously over-popular Mr Garrison moves forward with his plan of building a wall on the American/Canadian border only to find Canada has beaten him to it. Furious, he goes to give Canada a piece of his mind, but they won’t let him past the wall because Canadians don’t want Americans flooding in and touching all their really cool stuff. Mr Garrison wants to go to Canada to see this really cool stuff but is denied entry. He decides to sneak into Canada because “We can go wherever we want, we’re American” so Mr Garrison hops in a barrel and crosses the boarder by going over Niagara Falls.

canada wall

A little wink to Monty Pythons the Holy Grail


Butters and his Canadian girlfriend Charlotte, meanwhile, are going well. Butters decides to go for a “Slow Cosby” with her and gets invited to dinner. At dinner, Charlotte’s dad reveals to Butters that Canadians didn’t flock to America because they wanted to, they were forced out of their country because of a newly elected President. He explains that the President got into office by saying all sorts of sensationalised things and people voted for him for a joke and when the time came to ask “OK, lets get serious. Who should really be President?” it was too late.

Mr Garrison reaches a deserted Canada and goes to speak to the President, the Canadian Donald Trump. Having had his “build a wall” policy stolen by the Canadians, Mr Garrison decides to put his other policy into action with a final confrontation between himself and the Canadian President. With Canada now free from tyranny, the immigrants leave South Park and head back to Canada. Mr Garrison then decides that he is going to leave for Washington and join the 2016 election candidates for President of the USA.

Mr Garrison confronts the Canadian President

Mr Garrison confronts the Canadian President

The callbacks in this episode are a mixed bunch, some worked well, the references to a “Hot Cosby” still makes me laugh. The Caitlyn Jenner appearance doesn’t really add anything to the plot and feels like it was part of the last episode. But most of all, the ideas put forward last week about speeches and the way people can riled up for the wrong reasons works perfectly leading this week into Mr Garrison’s ascension felt very organic. It seems that this years South Park might actually have an endgame, as opposed to last years experiment with continuing consequences and callbacks to earlier events, with a serialised story that arcs over the entire season with the final episode to be aired the week of the presidential election, I’m interested to see if they can pull it off.

Episodes: Series Ongoing (Episode 2 of Season 19, Episode 259 Overall)

Genre: Animation / Sitcom

Original Channel: Comedy Central

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