Gravity Rush Review

Get ready to blow the dust off your Vita! 

Considered to be one of the greatest titles on the PS Vita, Gravity Rush manages to fully utilise all of the handheld’s features flawlessly; from the rear touchpad to the six axis, this game had it all. 

The story is centred around the amnesiac Kat as she teams up with a mysterious black cat that bestows upon her the ability to manipulate gravity. Our heroine takes it upon herself to use her newfound powers to help save the citizens of Hekseville from both a freak gravity storm and the Nevi, a group of ooze-like monsters that have appeared alongside the storm.

Gravity Rush uses a tried and true hack and slash fighting system and although very simplistic, the combat is very addictive. Gravity Rush contains role-playing elements which add longevity and an extra layer of complexity to the gameplay; you’ll also experience fun in the form of a progression system whereby Kat can be levelled up to give her access to a greater variety of moves, both in and out of combat, that can be used to better traverse the city of Hekseville. You’ll also find a plethora of side missions and hidden boss battles alongside the main scenario, which is great for all you completionists out there.

gravity r

Keiichirō Toyama, director of the original Silent Hill, is the man behind the game and he does a great job delivering an interesting narrative that will keep you interested throughout the roughly 10-15 hours it will take you to complete the main scenario.

The game’s cutscenes play out like comic book panels beautifully rendered on the Vita’s OLED screen, if you have an original Vita that is, and you can even tilt your vita to peer around the edges of the panels to reveal more information as the cutscenes play out.  The distinctive cell shaded art style just adds to Gravity Rush’s arsenal of awesome; the city of Hekseville is beautifully otherworldly and a joy to explore. 

As you can probably tell, I loved my time playing Gravity Rush, but like all games there are cracks in the foundations; there are no fixed camera angles so you are effectively your own camera man, there is no attempt at a lock-on system so your time fighting is often spent swinging the camera around to centre on whatever target you need to deal with first, and when you couple these points with the fact that shifting gravity is something you also have to contend with, fighting can be incredibly frustrating until you become fully acquainted with the control system.

All in all, Gravity Rush is an ambitious game that feels like a lot of time has been spent utilising the PS Vita to the best of its ability, and in some respects it succeeded. So, if you have a PS Vita and have not tried out Gravity Rush yet, what are you waiting for? Go download it!

gravity r2

P.S. For all those who don’t have a Vita but still want to play the game, Gravity Rush Remastered, and the sequel titled Gravity Rush 2, are coming to the PlayStation 4 in February 2016!

Genre: Action RPG / Hack and Slash / Open World

Age Rating: 12

Developer: Project Siren (PS Vita), Bluepoint Games (PS4)

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Platforms: PS Vita, PS4

Player Modes: Single Player

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– Aaron 



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