Fast and Furious 8 struggles to find director.

Bad news, everyone.
In news released just yesterday, it seems that no one wants to direct the newest Fast And Furious film, the 8th outing of the billion dollar car-heist-action franchise, due in 2017.

That’s not really the truth of the matter, the truth is that the series’ most prolific director, Justin Lin, as well as its most recent, James Wan, are presently unwilling to return to the franchise as yet, due to multiple upcoming engagements; Lin is helming the third Star Trek film (Beyond, 2016) and Wan is working on a sequel to The Conjuring (due next year), as well as DC’s Aquaman (due 2018).

So really, it’s just a matter of finding another director.
Which begs today’s question: Who would you like to see direct Fast and Furious 8?

Watch this space

– Mat S



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