Game Top Tens – PlayStation 3 Games

The PlayStation 3 has been around since 2006 and has well over 1000 games on its roster; here’s our list of what we consider to be the Top Ten of the bunch.


“Stick around. I’m full of bad ideas.”

– Isaac Clarke, Dead Space 2

10. The Last of Us 

Last of us

Sometimes described as the best movie you will ever play, The Last of Us is the critically acclaimed Naughty Dog title with a narrative that blurs the lines between game and entertainment. From its truly gut wrenching opening, this game boasts what is easily one of the most moving and emotionally impactful stories in gaming.

Joel, a man who has survived by any means necessary for 20 years in a world ravaged by a deadly strain of the cordyceps virus is suddenly trusted with the safety of a young girl named Ellie and tasked with taking her across country in the hopes of finding a cure.

With its simple combat system that is so visceral it will make grown men wince every time Joel takes a brick to the back of the head of some poor unsuspecting survivor, Naughty Dog delivers a game that is mature not only for its gameplay but for the intelligence it found in its complex storytelling.

What makes this game so special is that it doesn’t rely on the big set pieces or bombastic fight scenes but rather, The Last of Us focuses on the journey Joel and Ellie undertake and more importantly the bond the two of them build up over the course of their journey. A journey that had gamers talking for a long time after its conclusion.

– Dan P

9. Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins is a strategic RPG that was released by Bioware in 2009. After one of 6 different openings, depending on your chosen race and background, you play as one of the last Grey Wardens left in Ferelden. The Grey Wardens are an age old group of men and women who alone are able to stop Blights formed by grotesque creatures known as Darkspawn.

Set in a vast dark fantasy world, you travel across all of Ferelden gathering allies and conscripting humans, elves and dwarves to unite against the approaching threat as you also help solve the conflicts of these races. For example, the Dwarven king has the power to send troops to aid against the Blight however the dwarves currently lack a king and it’s up to you to show your support to your chosen successor and help to name the new king.

The amount of choices you can make in this game is truly staggering which is why even after 6 years of playing, I still have options I have never explored in the game. As with Bioware’s other RPGs such as Mass Effect, the amount of background lore is tremendous and you can easily spend half an hour in the codex reading up on the background of the world before you remember that you were just going to check your inventory.

The game features 3 classes each with 4 different specializations you can choose, meaning the amount of different playstyles available make for a diverse change each time you upgrade which forces you to adapt your strategy to both your party and the enemies you face. In DA:O you can freely switch between your 4 party members and are given the option of a ‘tactical camera’ which pauses the game and allows you to examine the battlefield before issuing orders, which is a necessity as the game offers a rewarding level of difficulty which promotes careful planning and varied use of skills. Overall, DA:O offers so much content and replayability and should definitely be played by anyone who has any kind of interest in fantasy settings and RPGs.

– Ben

8. Red Dead Redemption

red dead

Grand Theft Auto: Wild West Edition. Need more than that? As well as an engaging narrative in which you play as retired cowboy gangster turned farmer John Marston, tasked by the Government to take down his former posse if he ever wants to see his family again, you also have a plethora of other things to do in the huge open areas including Mexico and the Great Plains such as bounty hunting and completing the very difficult hunter challenges (killing cougars with dynamite is a lot harder than it sounds, and it even sounds hard!).

Don’t feel like going on a huge journey to get your family back? Why not just go to a saloon to cheat at poker, or even go out into the wilderness to tame a wild Mustang to ride through the beautiful locations found in the game. The game also features a morality compass and you can even gets bounties placed on your head, however, unlike most morality compass games where I would without a doubt play as evil as possible, this was the first game I played as a good guy purely because I felt like this wasn’t what Marston would do; he just wants his family back which says a lot as to how well presented and written the characters in this game are.

Not a fan of all this realistic cowboy action? Red Dead Redemption also features an excellent standalone DLC Undead Nightmare where you swap killing outlaws and hunting coyotes to killing zombies and hunting mythical beasts like Sasquatches all whilst riding a badass mythical horse of the apocalypse such as War, who can set zombies on fire just by galloping through them. All in all, Red Dead Redemption has a little something for everyone and definitely earns its spot on this list.

– Ben

7. Dead Space 2

dead space 2

You need to cut off the limbs!!

What the original Dead Space did for the survival horror genre is undeniable; it practically ripped the dying genre out of its grave and breathed new life in to it. With the tried and true Combat still of resident evil 4 and the influence of the alien movies, Dead Space was a surprise hit, and possibly the finest horror game of the last generation. That was until the sequel came out.

Dead space 2 immediately proved that the sequel can surpass the original in practically every way. We once again join Isaac Clarke on a hellish journey, although this time he is stranded on the Sprawl. The Sprawl is, or rather, was a thriving space station and, as it’s name suggests, is many many times larger than the USG Ishimura, the setting for the original.

The story is just as dark and depressing as the original with the addition that this time Isaac is suffering from hallucinations so at any moment he could freak out and you aren’t quite sure that what you are seeing is what is really going on.

Using “strategic dismemberment” each enemy you encounter is a puzzle, don’t just shoot for the head and prey it’ll work. Take off arms and legs to slow down you enemies pace and conserve ammo by using your PK ability to pick up severd limbs and impale your enemies to the walls.

Walking along the endless deserted sections of the sprawl is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences games have to offer. Where did that noise come from and why hasn’t anything jumped out at me for a while are questions the player constantly asks, usually just before a Necromoprh bursts though the wall and scares the living daylights out of you.

– Dan P

6. Mass Effect 2

mass effect 2Yes that’s right, Bioware once again. They had some real magic that hopefully will shine through again as it’s been sorely missed with more recent titles. Mass Effect 2 was the much awaited sequel to the start of Bioware’s huge space rpg epic, Mass Effect. This sequel brought not only improved shooting mechanics, more characters and the chance to see what had happened to your team since the events of the last game but it also brought the series to the playstation crowd. In terms of story, the game really took a step up from the first. After all how many games do you know of that kill your main character right in the opening scene?

You once again fill the role of Commander Sheperd as you gather comrades old and new including an old favourite, Garrus, and introducing my personal favourite character of the series, Mordin Solus, the fast talking, smart and opera loving Salarian scientist. the often complained about Mako section from the first game had been done away with and the introduction of ‘Thermal Clips’ for ammunition gave the game more of a tactical third person shooter feel although there were still plenty of RPG goodies on offer. A planet probing mechanic was added as well in which you could go to any planet in the vast galaxy map and scan for resources and distress signals. Although many players are divided on this mechanic I loved it due to the fact that I finally had a game that would let me probe Uranus.

I can’t talk about Mass Effect 2 without mentioning the result of all your hard work: The “Suicide Mission”. This final level was the most exciting and tense mission in any of the Mass Effect games for me. All your work lead up to this and your choices here can make or break the whole plan to beat the collectors. One wrong move could lead to the death of your party members and if everything goes horribly wrong you might not even make it out yourself, so much for Mass Effect 3!

– Ben

5. Uncharted 2 

uncharted 2Uncharted 2 is almost the perfect sequel, Naughty Dog took all the elements that worked in the original game and did away with the not so good elements, six axis controls we’re talking about you, and improved on them in almost every way. Nathan Drake moved more fluidly, the gunfights were tighter and the action, oh man the action, was turned up to 11.

This was the game that sealed Nathan Drakes position as what is possibly the last console gaming mascot, joining the ranks of Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario and his predecessor Crash Bandicoot.

Uncharted 2 has some of the best action set pieces in gaming hands down. From the word go Drake has to make his way up through a train that has somehow de-railed and is dangling off the edge of a snowy cliff and will shorty fall prey to gravity, as openers go this was stunning and quite literally a cliff hanger. It just gets bigger from there, at one point Drake has to fight his way through a small army, dodge a barrage of rocket attacks from a pursuing helicopter, all while running through a hotel that is being blown to smithereens around him. Breathtaking doesn’t really begin to cover the action in this game.

– Dan P

4. Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition

dark souls

Praise the sun!

For gamers worldwide, the Souls series has become infamous for its user-punishing gameplay and unyielding difficulty setting, but this hasn’t stopped players coming back to the franchise again and again for another taste of epic boss battling, deadly locations and brilliantly written world lore. To make things even better, Prepare to Die Edition succeeded in adding an extra layer to the already expansive storyline by mixing in arguably one of the best boss characters in the series, “Manus, Father of the Abyss”.

The reason that Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition deserves its spot on this list is because it was the first of its cruel kind to be featured on the second generation consoles; new ideas are a risky thing for game developers to try, but FromSoftware created something special when they thought up Dark Souls. They somehow created a game where the player would die over and over again but still have the motivation to keep trying; combine this fact with a unique online experience and you have the ingredients for one of the greatest games on the PlayStation 3 to date.

– Aaron

3. Bioshock 


2k and Irrational Game’s tour de force in story telling is the first installment in the bio shock series and a masterclass in the signal player experience. In a time when the second generation of consoles where just starting to breath new life into gaming and online game play was a must have, the team at irrational made a game that focused solely on the signal player aspect.

Welcome to the underwater utopia Rapture, a city gone mad without the restraints of society or religion. Bioshock is a first person shooter on the surface only, but at heart it is part horror, part a mystery novel. with the original Bioshock having one of the greatest twists in gaming history which just adds another gem to its crown.

The underwater hell that is Rapture is home to some of video gaming greatest psychopaths and crazies, from a plastic surgeon who is obsessed with the goddess Aphrodite, to an artist by the name of Sander Cohen who is a serious perfectionist to an insane degree. But even with a one of a kind cast the greatest character in all of this is Rapture itself. Beginning with the intro into a world of gene splicing to the graphic and informative audio logs Rapture is filled to the brim with a gore and suspense that will have you quoting one liners till the end of time.

Bio shock is just one of those game that will continue to surprise you from start to finish and it is home to one of the best story driven narratives in gaming.

– Aaron

2. Fallout 3


War, war never changes.

Bethesda’s 2008 masterpiece belongs on this list just for it’s scope and ambition alone. The expansive landscape of the post apocalyptic down town DC ruins and the surrounding nuclear wasteland has you,the player exploring for hundreds and hundreds of hours.

One of the many reasons that Fallout 3 belongs on this list is its endless supply of engrossing locations and characters from the absolute horror that is the Dunwich building, a location hiding in the bottom left of the ever expansive world map, that hides within its confines what appears to be the pages of a H.P love craft novel. No seriously, the building is inspired by a H.P Lovecraft story. The long list of characters begins with the father of the player who is voiced by the brilliant Liam Neeson to the one of a kind talking tree Harold returning from the previous fallout games and not forgetting man’s best friend, the trusty canine, Dogmeat.

While not a technical marvel Fallout is a very immersive world you will find yourself constantly looking for that next side mission, that next hidden collectible not even realising you are nearing your one hundred hour mark with no sign of slowing down.

Personally I consider Fallout 3 not just to be the greatest game on PS3 but one of the greatest games of all time. Because there are very few games that when you hit your 400 hour mark you still have no desire to stop and you keep coming back year after year just to have another walk around to try and find that one thing you missed and realise you missed a lot more than “one thing”.

– Aaron

1. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots


War Has Changed!

Metal Gear Solid is one of the biggest names in gaming, so much so that even non-gamers know it’s name and icon hero Snake. Guns of the patriots is the closing chapter in the Metal Gear universe concluding the story of Solid Snake and his fight against the shadow corporation known as the Patriots.

The game has been criticized for having more cutscenes than gameplay, with the cutscenes clocking in at whopping 8 hours! the longest being 27 minutes and at the end a handful are strung together to wrap up the story and hits 71 minutes. The game holds two Guinness world records for the those last two facts, although if you are a Metal Gear fan, this won’t be an issue because Hideo Kojima is well known for his lengthy cutscenes.

Guns of the Patriots is balanced almost perfectly with introducing new elements and nostalgic callbacks. Standouts for me being the incompetent Johnny making a return and finally becoming a fully-fledged character helping Snake on his quest and culminating in a boss battle that pays homage to the entire series. This is an amazing send off for the Metal Gear legacy.

– Dan P

That was our first Top Ten. So what do you think? We’d love to know your thoughts/Top Tens so have a think and let us know in the comments section below.



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