The Devil is a Part-Timer! (Hataraku Maou-sama!) Review

“I can’t believe you actually said “There are people inside this little panel!” when you saw a flat-screen TV.”

“At the moment, the tide favors the enemy. But it is bound to turn in our favor before long! That is the moment we must wait for. And as we prepare for that glorious moment… Let the windows be cleaned!”

Sadao Maou

After failing to capture the mythical land of Ente Isla with his army of monstrous creatures, the Demon Lord Satan is tracked down and trapped by the honourable Hero Emilia Justina. In a final act of desperation, Satan uses his demonic powers to create a portal in the sky, through which both he and his faithful General Shirou Ashiya escape.

After exiting the portal and arriving on Earth in modern-day Japan, the duo find themselves stuck in a dimension where magic doesn’t exist, thereby rendering all but a few of their powers ineffective. Satan uses his remaining powers to gain the knowledge of human language and, after passing the information on to Shirou, devises a plan; he will find a stable job in this horribly human world, ascend through the ranks and slowly gain power over many people, thereby causing his power to grow stronger until he can once again return to his home to rule the land of Ente Isla!

So, Satan (now calling himself Sadao) eventually finds himself working at the fast food restaurant chain “MgRonald”, and after having to deal with low-work morale, competition from another fast-food chain and the reappearance of his arch nemesis, the Hero Emilia Justina, he soon learns that living in a world with every day first-world problems is a lot harder than he first thought…


The Devil is a Part-Timer! is the kind of series that could be called a palate cleanser of the animé world; it’s reasonably light, has some very well drawn up characters and is only 13 episodes long which means you could knock the whole series out in a little over 4 hours back-to-back. The plus side to this is that it’s easy to get on with and fun to watch but the downside is that, for most people I know of who have watched the series, it doesn’t seem to leave a lasting impression past “Oh yeah, that was a pretty funny animé”.

That being said, the series is an enjoyable one, and while I might not revisit it any time soon, it is definitely worth the the viewing time that you’ll be investing. Now, Pros/Cons! Pros: light watching, good humour, interesting characters, clever story. Cons: plot points left hanging; doesn’t always leave a lasting impression.

Overall, this series is recommended for anyone looking for something different from your usual Shounen “I WILL YELL TO GET STRONGER POWERS OVER 9000!” kind of series and, because most of the episodes take place at Sadao’s work or home, it’s actually a good segue into more slice-of-life styled animé such as Azumanga Daioh or Yuyushiki (both great series in their own right).

As a side note, the release of the DVD only took place in Summer 2014 and recently, Hikasa Yoko (the voice actress for Emilia Justina) posted in her blog that she was having a takoyaki party with the cast and said ““What is this! This animé is super fun to watch! What about season 2…aren’t we gonna make one?”  so while that might not actually mean anything, it might be a little hint that a second season could soon be on the way…

The Devil is a Part-Timer! Logo

Episodes: 13

Genre: Comedy / Fantasy / Romance / Slice of Life

Age Rating: Everyone (3+ )

Animation Studio: White Fox

Licensed by: Manga Entertainment (UK), Funimation (NA) and Siren Visual (AUS)

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– Isaac



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