Star Wars Battlefront Beta coming early October

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Start up your X-Wings, the beta for EA’s much anticipated Star Wars Battlefront releases in early October! Those of us with a PS4, Xbox One and Origin on the PC will be treated to a whopping 40 multiplayer map set on Hoth with the promise that we’ll have a chance to play as both Luke and Darth Vader.


Hoth, Walkers and Darth Vader are only a handful of things that EA offer in the upcoming beta.

EA have also announced a “Survival Mission” mode on Tatooine where you can pair up with a friend and fight against waves of Imperial forces. If that wasn’t enough EA also revealed a new mode called “Drop Zone” that will be available  in the beta. Drop Zone is said to be a more King-of-the-Hill type of game mode where a pod will drop from the sky and each team must go to, capture and maintain possession of the pod. Are you looking forward to the beta? We here at G4meover can’t wait to try it!

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