ME!ME!ME! feat.Daoko / TeddyLoid – Short Review

It’s all about Me, Me, Me……and animé girls


In 2014, the animé music video “ME!ME!ME! feat.Daoko / TeddyLoid” hit the net, and with it came the unavoidable question of “What the f**k did I just watch?”, a question that everyone seems to have a different answer to.

Without going too much into the details concerning the video (which you can watch above), ME!ME!ME! Features a twenty-something Otaku who is drawn into a strange and erotic world where he is taunted, seduced and attacked by a group of vicious and scantily clad animé babes. During the fight, we see painful memories of a mysterious woman replaying in the man’s mind, and these memories lead him into an action-packed battle which he ultimately loses, causing him to wake up alone in his room and thus ends the video.

Now, many opinions have been shared regarding the ideas behind the video but after wading through the mess of words that is the internet, it seems two theories stand above the rest; either “I think it’s a narrative showcasing how Otaku culture destroys real-life relationships” or “I think it’s simply a funny video that contains hot girls, kick-ass fight scenes, a little bit of drama and a catchy tune!”. These are both viable and equally interesting theories but without asking the creators themselves, we’ll sadly never really know for sure what meanings lie behind the madness.

So, we here are G4meover have our own views, but we’d like to know yours! Is it a satirical narration of the Otaku lifestyle? Or just an insanely over-sexualised J-Pop music video? Have a think and let us now in the comments below.

P.S. The creator of ME!ME!ME! have since made another video by the name of “I’m a GIRL” which you can watch here:

– Isaac




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