Favouite horror game moments

Forever in our nightmares The horror genre has always been a staple in gaming from Clock Tower to Alone In The Dark. Throughout the years we have had the displeasure of experiencing some of gaming’s most terrifying encounters and here

Blade Runner 2049 Spoilercast [Denis Villeneuve, 2017]

We return cinema's most cultishly beloved retrofitted future in Blade Runner 2049, the long awaited sequel to the film that changed the face of Science Fiction cinema in all the years that followed. Ryan Gosling leads this new entry to the

“mother!” Review [Darren Aronofsky, 2017]

Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem star in the most misrepresented bible thriller of 2017

Twin Peaks Mysterycast Finale

Once again Twin Peaks has come to an end, did we learn everythng? No of course not but we did learn some things and we may have gotten a little more closure than the ending from 25 years ago even

Game of Thrones S7 FINALE “The Dragon and the Wolf”

The powers that be meet for the long awaited armistice.

Twin Peaks Mysterycast E14

In the penultimate episode of Twin Peaks: The Return we meet an old familiar face and dance along to an old familiar song. Dougie is in a coma following his accident with a plug socket and a fork. Coopleganger and